Mike And Shelby's New Year's Trips

Each year, we try to do something new for New Year's Eve. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.
1999-2000 - Vegas
We waited untill the last minute and then got some cheap seats and hotel to Vegas for the Y2K celebration. WOW! What a place!
2000-2001 - Home
This was our first year with Abbica. Dave, Kathryn, & Carmen came over and we stayed in. Not sure why, but we didn't take any pictures. We tried to keep them up, but the girls passed out early.
2001-2002 - Niagara Falls
We went to Buffalo for Sandy & Ron's wedding in November. When we got back, we figured to head back to Canada for New Year's. In Virginia, we were having a nothing kind of winter (3in, I think), so when we found out that Buffalo was getting 7ft (80in) of snow, that pretty much clinched the deal; we jumped in the car and off we went. When we can't get snow where we live, we go out to find it!
It was sooo cold and windy that we couldn't take Abbica outside for the fireworks, so we stayed inside and watched from our room.
2002-2003 - Boston
Shelby's friends Kelli and Rob were nice enough to take us into their home for an entire week. They actually live in Worchester, which is about 30min outside of Boston. They get lots of snow!

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