Our Baby Rooms

For Abbica, we chose a theme of Pooh Bear.
Shelby's cousin-in-law, Ted, is a graphic artist by trade, and he [was] volunteered [by Shelby] to come down and paint our room. As you will see from these pics, he is absolutely amazing! The characters really are lifelike and he drew them all freehand!

For Hailey, we did Nursery Rhymes!
Shelby wanted Ted to draw this room when he came down for Abbica's birthday, but he had to work, so he couldn't do it. So, she started asking everyone she knew if they could draw (since Shelby and I can draw some pretty mean stick figures, but that's not so great for a baby's room!). That's when she found Shelley Barnes. Not only did Shelley know how to draw, but she ownes her own art company (Where Art Thou?) and paints windows. This was her first wall/celing painting, but she did a beautiful job!!

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